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 Are we alone in the Universe?     

Are we being visited by Aliens?

Where are the visitors from, and what do they want?

Can Alien Abductions be terminated as a life pattern?

What is the Christian perspective of the UFO phenomenon?

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My name is Joe Jordan of CE4 Research Group. We are a group of Christian researchers and investigators looking into the deceptive UFO, and so-called Alien Abduction Phenomenon. The phenomenon, that has the worlds attention at this moment. Our research findings are the best kept secret in the world. Why? Because it changes everything that the world thought this would be. These alien entities are not who they appear to be. The secular world does not like the evidence we have come across in our research. We have become the Unwanted Piece of the UFO Puzzle.


The mission of CE4 Research Group is to share with the world, our twenty plus years of research findings into the UFO/Alien Abduction Phenomenon. These findings are the most powerful evidence known to date, that exposes the Alien entities for who they really are. That evidence, is in the testimonies, of those who have overcome the experience, the oppression, the bondage, the harassment, the control, the lies, the deception, the fear, the anxiety, and destroyed family relationships that these entities perpetrate, by calling on the name and authority of Jesus Christ for help. Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, these experiencers have been able to terminate the experience as a life pattern. Something that the leading secular UFO researchers still say is not possible today.

Through this evidence, of these testimonies, we will be able to help others. This phenomenon affects everyone who becomes involved with it the same way. It takes their eyes off of the one TRUE God of the Bible. This is a Cosmic War for our souls. Your children are being seduced into it as well as your grandchildren. Its in every aspect of our commercial marketing. The world is being conditioned to accept this deception.

Even the secular Grandfather of Ufology, Dr. Jacques Vallee, in his book, "Messengers of Deception", stated, "Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception."

The world asks for REAL evidence, and we will give it to them. We will share this evidence through any means of communication available to the world.


That you pray over this. And if you are given the understanding of the magnitude of importance of this evidence (the testimonies) in this phenomenon, that you support us in getting this information to this lost world. This is the greatest deception to come upon humanity. But we have THE greatest evidence there is to expose it. We need your help; we need your support. We are on the front line of this Cosmic War, but we need logistical support for videography, publications, conference travels, domain name purchases, etc.. This could be one of the last great Hopes for humanity. God bless you all.

"In dealing with the mystery of UFO's, we are not on the lunatic fringe of theology.

Instead, we stand on your behalf in front line of battle.

We are in defensive warfare at a major point of assault on humanity."

- Dr. David Allen Lewis, Author, "UFO: End Time Delusion"-